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2023 & Beyond

2023 & BEYOND

We are continuing to offer our financing option at a very competitive interest rate of 4.95% per annum.  Lot prices will not increase in 2023.

For a limited time only, we are offering ZERO PER CENT INTEREST FOR the FIRST 6 MONTHS on lots that are financed through us. (This will save you over $1,200 in interest on a lot priced at $51,900.) The interest savings will be even greater on a lot priced at $59,900.

In conjunction with the above savings, if you would like to take advantage of the opportunity to have the approach into your lot of choice installed in 2023, Old Town Harbour will contribute $1,000 to the $3,000 contractor’s fee. This offer is available to anyone purchasing a lot in 2023, whether they finance through us, or pay cash for their lot.



We are getting closer to the point where we will be able to begin work on the Phase Two lots.

These lots will be located on the west and east sides of the north-south portion of the canal.

Unfortunately, we have most likely seen the last of the larger lots due to the dramatic increase in the development costs of providing services to them. These costs include surveying, engineering costs, hydro (electricity), approaches, central water lines, etc.

If we were to keep the new lots the same size as the lots in Phase One, we would need to increase the price considerably. In order to keep lot prices affordable, and comparable to prices of the larger remaining Phase One lots, the lots in Phase Two will need to be relatively smaller. A typical canal lot on the west side will likely be somewhat narrower.

More precise information will be available when we are better able to determine final, actual costs. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.