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Tour Info

If you are travelling to  get here, OLD TOWN HARBOUR will cover your expenses to come and see the lots.  We will reimburse your travel expenses, including airfare, fuel, lodgings and meals, up to a maximum of $1,800 (Canadian Funds) (Subject to your purchase of a lot). 

WestJet has direct flights from Calgary to Brandon.  Other cities and countries have flights into Winnipeg International Airport.

We will arrange to meet you to start your tour where you will be able to see first-hand just how beautiful and diverse the region is. We feel that this is absolutely the best way to show our properties. giving you the opportunity to experience just how peaceful and relaxing living in southern Manitoba can be.

If an affordable, waterfront lot set in a safe, quiet and scenic surrounding is in your future, then come visit us at Old Town Harbour. You’ll be glad you did!


              WELL LOCATED,

                           WELL PRICED,

                                         WELL WORTH IT!!!


Directions to the City of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

(Directions to Dauphin from Winnipeg or Brandon, MB)